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I’ve written on Transfer Deadline Day before, and spoken at length about how disgusting it is. To me, it’s a weird day where footballers are paraded like pigs and cows in a ring while men dressed in tweed shout ever increasing numbers at an auctioneer until finally, down goes the gavel and the pig or cow is sent to the highest bidder.

Really, I just loved the above photograph and wanted an excuse to post about it.


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Today is Transfer Deadline Day. The mere mention of it fills with me with absolute horror.

Not because I’m scared that my little town of Luton Town FC won’t find anyone worth buying. Not because I’m worried that Owen Hargreaves won’t actually sign for Manchester City. And not even because Sky Sports News won’t show anything other than football news all day.

No, today is the ultimate reminder that there is no loyalty left in a lot of people. None at all.

Most people, almost all, in fact, would agree that they would leave their job if offered another one for more money. And they can hardly be blamed for that fact. But these football players are on so much at one club that actually, a pay rise just makes them an even bigger millionaire than they are already.

This is the crux of the matter. The ridiculous sums of money passed around on Transfer Deadline Day actually make me feel a bit ill. And people talk about it as though it’s nothing. When Fernando Torres signed for Chelsea last year for £50m everyone balked a little bit, including Chelsea supporters. It was truly an astonishing amount of money. I just felt it was disgusting. £50m for a man who kicks a ball around? Really?

I know money in football is only natural nowadays. And the buying of players has made a very… Well, I want to say competitive English Premier League. But it’s not really, is it? It has made certain teams ‘the ones to watch’ and it has given others horrible financial problems to other teams that may torment them for years to come.

A small side may raise a player. Pay for their coaching and lifestyle. They will win matches because of this young player, maybe even win trophies. And then Manchester United turns around one day, flashes a lot of cash and this small side cannot refuse to sell their homegrown player. Manchester United will go on and win some trophies because of this player, and my little club struggles to stay up. It drives me to distraction that only a few teams are now going to win the League. Every team knows it before they even set out. Their hope is merely to stay up. Competitive Premier League? Sure, if a four side race can be called ‘competitive’.

Of course, some will say any side can win trophies. Well, if some billionaire comes in with a lot of money all of a sudden they can, and yes, Manchester City and Crawley Town, I am looking at you.

I don’t find football always the most enjoyable sport to watch. At the best of times, I find it tedious, and as a result, I am not writing this blog with the most open mind.

But I hate Transfer Deadline Day with a passion. It genuinely makes me feel sick to my stomach. I await the day when a player is sold for £80m, and football fans slowly begin to feel the same way. Football is not just about tactics and goals and wonderful passes anymore. Underlying every single game is the amount of money paid for certain players, or the difficulties teams will face having lost certain players. Football  is now simply a stock market, with players the commodities. What has ‘the beautiful game’ become? And where will it end up?

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